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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Kow the Benefits of Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa Health Insurance is one of the leading health insurance service providers in the country today and not without a reason. They have a high Claim Settlement Ratio and there are no hidden costs to their insurance. They cover a wide range of diseases and illnesses and unlike some other insurance companies, they try to settle claims as soon as possible as they are completely mindful of the fact that the family is under emotional stress as a loved one undergoes treatment. Here are some features of Max Bupa Medical Insurance which will inform the buyers about why buying insurance from them will prove to be a good idea.

Max Bupa covers a maximum of four members per family, which includes 2 children and 2 adults. The Max Bupa Health Insurance plans come with offers of lifetime renewal and hence the family does not have to bear the financial burden of buying a new insurance every time a policy expires. At the same time, it also safeguards the family against all medical emergency at all times, come what may.

Max Bupa provides both pre and post hospitalizations cover. In case of pre- hospitalization, it covers all the medical expenses for 30 days before the hospitalization happens. This includes any screening and checkups and other related expenses. For post- hospitalization, the cover varies from policy to policy but it mostly covers all the medicines and recovery treatments. Max Bupa Health Insurance covers any kind of pre- existing diseases but after a waiting period of 4 years. There are zero on no sub limits on room rent on Max Bupa Health Insurance.There are quite a few benefits of Max Bupa Health Insurance and they include:
  • No involvement of the TPA and that makes the process a lot faster than most other insurance companies.
  • There is a direct liaison with the company and that initiates quicker resolutions as well.
  • There is no age restriction for enrollment in the Max Bupa Health Insurance plans.
  • Max Bupa insurance benefits are also available for maternity issues and there are new born child benefits as well.

Apart from these, there are some general benefits that can be enjoyed by all customers of Max Bupa, irrespective of the plan they might have. While making a claim, the documents that are submitted for verification are verified at record speed for speedy claim. In case of cashless claims, the amount is settled in just a couple of hours or so. In addition to that, they also have round the clock service and they are well known for their online help and telephone assistance. The customer care service in Max Bupa is one of the best and they can help with any query via remote assistance and this is great for those who face emergency while they are traveling.

Max Bupa also makes the screening process very simple for the elderly and there is no screening for the children. Those who start their health insurance plan early in life with Max Bupa insurance can do so by availing very low premium rates as compared to the other insurance companies today. All these reasons make it worthwhile to opt for a health insurance from Max Bupa and one could reap the benefits for a lifetime, ensuring health and happiness for the entire family.

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