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Friday, February 8, 2019

Don't have a financial plan yet? Here's why you should make one today!

There are certain life goals that are important to almost everyone—owning a house, driving a dream car, funding a vacation, or offering the highest quality of life and education to your family. These goals aren’t impossible to achieve, but they need to be planned for carefully so that they can be realised when the time’s right.

Financial planning is the need of the hour as it will not only help you fulfill your dreams but will also save you money. You might think that you have ample cover in the form of a Fixed Deposit in India, but what purpose does that serve if you do not have a contingency plan to battle emergencies?

Financial planning is simple to understand. It’s all about knowing how financially sound you are today and how you want your future to be.

But it’s easier said than done. You must start by looking at your investments and their feasibility. Time is another factor that’ll determine the extent of returns and the exposure to risks. Besides these, you’ll have to take inflation into account because, judging by the current economy’s status, expenses are going to get higher.

Here are a few other reasons as to why you need a financial plan now more than ever.

       Keeping your family secured

Having a proper financial plan in place can help secure your family financially. Investments in life, health, and education insurance policies can go a long way, even if there isn’t any steady income later on.

       Battling emergencies

Emergency situations can crop up any time, leaving you in financial mess. Such emergencies include the untimely demise of a breadwinner or a life-threatening disease. To keep such problems at bay, you can invest in FDs with the highest Fixed Deposit interest rates so that you’ve enough funds for when tragedy befalls you or your kin.

       Protecting assets

Although assimilating assets is a safe way to secure your finances, they come with liabilities. Possessing financial knowhow can help cancel out such liabilities so that your assets are always safeguarded.

       Improved investments and savings

A financial plan can keep a check on the feasibility of investments and savings. You need to know how an investment will shape up in the future and the benefits attached to it, which will be possible only when you have planned your finances.

       Cash flow and capital

Cash flow translates to the money you earn and spend. Ideally, the input must overshadow the outflow in order to save more. You can plan this out by limiting your expenses and investing in the right schemes. Once you do this, the capital you earn can be further utilised in other profitable plans to improve your financial stability.

By now, you must’ve understood why having a financial plan is crucial. But don’t go about drawing blueprints on your own. Consult experts who will tell you how you can increase your income, save money, and invest in safe schemes with high returns.

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