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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Learn How to Track your Credit Card Application Status

Going cashless today is easier than ever with credit cards, mobile payments banks and more at your service. Apart from offering convenient online transactions, credit cards are also easy to apply for, both online or offline.

When you apply for a credit card, you will usually get a response within 2–3 business days. After submitting your credit card application, if you want to follow up on your application, you can easily track its status or manage your application online without having to step out to visit your nearest branch to do the same.

Even though credit card application procedures vary across financial institutions, you can easily track your credit card application status in just a click by either sending an SMS, tracking it online on the issuer’s website or simply by calling the customer care to know the status of your application.

For instance, when you apply for a online credit card you can easily check your application status online or offline.

Online procedure

To check your credit card application status online click here. Now enter any of your basic details like customer ID, mobile number, PAN number, email ID or application reference number in the box provided. For example, if you want to check your credit card application status by mobile number, you can enter your phone number and proceed further. After entering the required number, you can click on search button and the status of your credit card application will appear on your screen.

Offline procedure

You can visit any of your nearest branches and speak to a designated representative in person to know more about your credit card application status.

To apply for a credit card that makes online monitoring and payment easy and offers a range of exciting perks. Get started now and check your customised rewards and offers for home loans, personal loans, and other financial services to ease your application process and provide instant credit when you need it.

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