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Monday, May 30, 2022

Benefits of Having an RBL Credit Card

If you learn how to use credit cards responsibly and wisely, you will be able to use them quite effectively as a financial tool. You can earn rewards, get protected, enjoy convenience, build your credit score, and be rewarded. So let's see what benefits are possible to reap from using a credit card. As one of India's oldest private sector banks, RBL Bank offers the credit card RBL, one of the most popular credit cards in the country. 

The bank offers one of the best-in-class customized products, which can be accessed by 8.44 million loyal customers across the country. Using the credit card RBL, you can take advantage of several exclusive benefits, including immediate financial aid for short-term emergencies or funds to buy the latest smartphone. 

Listed below are some of the benefits of using an RBL Bank Credit Card

Grace period for credit

There could be no doubt that one of the most attractive features of a credit card RBL is the interest-free grace period that can be taken advantage of by users as long as the repayment amount is cleared by the payment due date. It is also worth noting that the RBL Bank offers its customers credit for up to 50 days without charging them interest.

Credit score

Since card transactions are similar to applying for a loan, all such transactions are submitted to the credit bureaus, which use them to determine your credit score and establish your credit history. Therefore, you need to consider your credit score if you plan to borrow funds for a new business venture, vehicle purchase, personal need, or simply buy a house. To achieve their financial goals, borrowers with a healthy credit score can negotiate the best deal to fulfil their financial needs with the lending institution.  


Rewards and benefits

You may receive various benefits, such as discounts, cash backs, reward points, loyalty credits, complimentary club memberships, and free access to airport lounges, among other things. The best credit card from RBL for you will depend on what best suits your lifestyle requirements and offers the most benefits.


Cash flow planning

Making purchases through a credit card from RBL in the initial days of a billing cycle will maximize your grace period. RBL Bank presents a graphic representation of your spending patterns based on expenses categories grouped according to the RBL Bank application. Your cash flow plan can be improved by analyzing your expenses and making necessary adjustments to your budget.


Credit card EMIs

Several financial institutions and banks offer cardholders the option of paying to purchase certain goods and services by Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). In addition, some banks, such as RBL Bank, go the extra mile to offer interest-free EMIs to cardholders. You can make a large purchase using this option if you don't want to pay for it all at once but rather spread the cost over time. 


Instant pre-approved loan

RBL Bank offers pre-approved loans for people who have a good history of repayment on their credit cards and an excellent credit rating. In addition, Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard also offers loan amounts in the form of an emergency advance against the available credit limit for 90 days. These loans prove to be useful in cases of financial difficulty.  


Accepted worldwide 

Credit cards are one of the most widely accepted payment methods worldwide. Having a credit card means you have the world at your fingertips. With the help of a credit card from RBL, you can easily make payments in foreign countries. In this way, travelling worldwide becomes convenient, as a cardholder does not need to worry about currency exchange rates. 



If you use a credit card from RBL for spending, you will record how much you spend and how much you have repaid over the month. This would also be the case if you utilized a debit card for spending. Although RBL credit cards send annual summaries at year-end, this can be very helpful when filing your taxes.


Final thoughts

You can get an upgrade if you have an excellent credit score for six months and make a credit card payment according to the credit card billing cycle. Then, depending on your demands, you can choose from various credit cards. Premium credit cards from RBL have more offers and a higher conversion rate for reward points. However, you will have a higher credit limit, and more unique offers on travel, restaurants and other lifestyle products are available. Some premium cards from RBL provide you access to airport lounges, while others may give you airfare discounts. People who shop or travel regularly will benefit from an upgrade. For such people, credit card RBL offers lower prices and greater rewards.

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