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Friday, October 26, 2018

Buying An Off Plan Property Dubai

Buying An Offplan Property Dubai and new projects in Dubai Advantages of buying An Offplan Property Emaar Properties Fiora at Golf Verde – Dubailand

An offplan property Dubai is an unconstructed property purchased directly from a developer or in some cases a first owner. In the case where the buyer is purchasing directly from the developer at time of purchase the buyer usually pays a 10-20% down payment as well as signs SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement). Depending on which developer the rest of payments made may as well as do vary but are usually linked to construction.

Advantages of buying An Offplan Property

Save Money – Purchasing  an Off plan property allows investors to obtain a purchase cost at the earliest as well as lowest possible price. It also ensures buyers to opt the excellent apartments in a particular development. This plays a big part in growing the chances of gaining the maximum return on their investment.

Sell Before Completion – Quite often investors may sell off their off-plan property contracts prior to a projects completion. Assuming the market has done well as well as project proved popular owners can often sell at a considerable profit.

Lower up Front Costs – Payment plans for off plan Dubai may as well as do vary from developer to developer. With some developers only requiring a 10% down payment as well as the rest linked to constructions the outlay needed is relatively low.

Before Buying An Off Plan Property You Should Ensure Few Things 

Shortlist the areas you would like to live in – and what you will require access to, for example a supermarket, fitness centres, schools, perform you want to be near the beach, and so on. Make sure you consider the general infrastructure around the development that you are considering. Entire new developments should have accessible basic amenities, so make sure that you have seen the development plan to make sure these are in place. Also, keep a look out for innovative technology embedded into new homes that may simplify your day-to-day living.

Handover and Completion Date

The most common problem that a lot of buyers face while purchasing off-plan property is the delay in the handover. Therefore, real estate authorities in the UAE have introduced strict regulations that must be met by the developer before selling units in a project. These include either entire ownership of the land the property is built on or a 20% payment as bank guarantee with the respective authority or a deposit of 20% in Escrow or to reach 20% construction stage, depending on the emirate in which the property is situated in.

Your off-plan sale as well as buy agreements should have a specific mention of the accepted completion date of the project, along with a solution on how the developer would address the potential problem of not meeting handover deadline. A delay is often expected and therefore it is important to recognize what clauses will hold true if that happens as well as how you will be compensated for any delays.

Be patient because you will not see immediate returns on your investment, and sometimes projects also get delayed. However, the positive aspects include, cost-effective price as well as financing offers and the capability to decide how much you can afford monthly as payment if you have taken a bank loan.”

Few Off Plan Properties 

La Cote at Port de La Mer

Another great addition to Meraas’ impressive portfolio, New Projects By Meraas is a world-class seaside area unlike any other. Sited in Dubai’s first freehold development, this area delivers luxury resort living with residences as well as amenities that focus on offering  an amazing  backdrop for you to live the good life.

La Cote is the first community at Meraas, residences will come in diverse layouts and configurations from 1,2,3, as well as 4 bedroom apartments as well as 5-bedroom penthouses featuring sweeping views of the ocean.

With every information thoughtfully planned as well as every possible need anticipated, this up and coming residential community is set to deliver an unparalleled resort living experience. A plethora of dining, entertainment as well as leisure options will also be existing so you will never run out of ways to enjoy life’s pleasures.

 Each residence is superbly designed to optimize your comfort and convenience. Bask in the idyllic shores with wonderful beach access or enjoy other lifestyle enhancing amenities such as a well-equipped gym, a multi-purpose room, a selection of pools for you and your kids to enjoy as well as many more.

Fiora at Golf Verde – Dubailand 

Welcome to a scenic community with luxury apartments overlooking striking landscapes and every desire just moments away. Introducing Fiora, residential towers positioned in Golf Verde, a beautiful community in Dubailand. Here, relax in a picture-perfect setting surrounded by magnificent parklands as well as a host of retail, dining and entertainment outlets just around the corner.
Collective 2.0 by Emaar Properties

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