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Monday, January 30, 2023

Steps to Activate Axis Savings Account

Having a savings account is more than just a financial want now, and it is more of a need.

Each passing day, we go on only with the services of our banking account, services such as -

● Paying bills

● Transferring money

● Building CIBIL

● Saving money

● Online money transfers

● And more.

One of the most crucial attributes that you would have to consider is - 'which bank?' Once

that has been decided, you can kick-start and start using your savings account. But, do

remember - every bank has a different way of operating. This post is going to tell you how to

activate a savings account from Axis Bank. Keep reading to know more.

About Axis Bank

Axis Bank is India's third largest private sector bank. The Bank gives you a full-fledged range

of financial services to customers in the Large and Mid-Corporate, MSME, Agriculture, and

Retail Business segments.

The Bank has a large footprint across the country, with 4,758 domestic branches (including

extension counters), 10,990 ATMs, and 5,972 cash recyclers. The Bank operates six Axis

Virtual Centers and employs over 1,500 Virtual Relationship Managers.

The Bank's international operations are spread across eight international offices, including

branches in:

● Singapore,

● Dubai (at DIFC),

● Gift City-IBU,

● Dhaka, Abu Dhabi,

● Sharjah,

● London,

● And the UK.

How to Activate a Savings Account with Axis Bank?

Step 1: Visit the Axis Bank website.

Step 2: Select "savings accounts."

Step 3: Select a savings account that meets your financial needs and goals.

Step 4: When an individual applies to open a savings account with Axis Bank, he or she will

be required to submit the following documents when notified by a bank executive.

Step 5: The applicant must then complete the application form. Please keep in mind that all

fields must be completed in order for the application to be accepted. If a customer has

trouble filling out the form, he or she can contact any Axis Bank executive for assistance.

Step 6: Once the above-mentioned documents are ready and the form is completed, the

individual must go to the Axis Bank branch of their choice and submit the form and the KYC

documents. A savings account can also be opened online.

Step 7: A bank executive will review the documents to ensure that the name, date of birth,

address, and other information in the KYC documents match what is on the application form.

Step 8: The account holder must now make an initial deposit based on the savings account's

minimum balance requirement. At the cash deposit counter, you can make your first deposit.

Step 9: Following the deposit, the executive will hand you a debit card and the necessary

bank documents for the savings account.

After you have opened a savings account with the Bank, would you not want to get started

with some online banking? Here are some easy pathways for you to take.

Axis Bank Internet Bank

Here is how you can start off with Axis Bank Net Banking:

Step 1: Navigate to Axis Bank's official website and open the internet banking registration


Step 2: After you've opened the website, click the 'Register' button on the left side of the


Step 3: Enter your bank account information, such as the customer ID, bank account

number, registered mobile number, and so on.

Step 4: Next, enter your debit card information: 16-digit card number, expiry date, and ATM

PIN code, and then click 'Submit.'

Step 5: Then, choose 'INR' as the card currency from the available options and accept all of

the terms and conditions to continue with the activation process.

Step 6: Next, create a login password and confirm it by entering and retyping the password.

Then press the 'Submit' button.

Step 7: In the "OTP" field, enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.

Step 8: Finally, you have completed all of the steps in the Axis Bank Net Banking registration


Step 9: Examine all of the information and click 'Submit' to finish the registration process.

Axis Bank Mobile Banking

Here is how you can register for the Axis Bank mobile banking application:

Step 1: After downloading the app, open it and click on login. Your device will send an SMS

to verify your information.

Step 2: After your information has been verified, you will be required to create an MPIN in

order to access the app.

Step 3: After you've set the MPIN, you'll need to authenticate your account information

before you can start using the app.

Step 4: You can verify your account information using either your debit card information or

your Internet Banking login credentials.

Once you've verified your account information, you can use the app to perform hundreds of

Axis Bank transactions and services.

Why Do You Need a Savings Account?

A Savings Account is one of the most popular bank accounts in which to start off with. It is a

single account that can be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, there are various types of

Savings Accounts that can be used for various purposes. This is many people's first

encounter with the banking and financial systems.

In fact, there are various types of Savings Accounts that can be used for various purposes.

This is many people's first encounter with the banking and financial systems.

Who is Eligible to Open an Account with Axis Bank?

Customers must meet certain requirements to be eligible for Axis Bank's savings account.

● The person applying for this savings account must be an Indian citizen.

● To be eligible, the applicant must be at least 18 years old, except in the case of a

minor savings account.

● Along with the account opening form, the applicant must submit valid KYC

documents proving his/her identity and address.

● Undivided Hindu families are eligible.

● When opening the account, the applicant must make an initial deposit, which will

vary depending on the savings account's minimum balance requirement.


Activating your savings account with Axis Bank isn't that hard after all, right? But, if there is

one thing you just should not forget - it is to keep your documents intact. Without your KYC

documents, you wouldn't be able to go further on. Moreover, through the Axis Bank savings

account, you get to access online banking, transfers, and several other benefits.

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